Xamba Software provides software and services for the development of interactive maps. Raster image maps and vector data are combined to create rich interactive map applications that are fast, flexible and intuitive to use.

Raster Maps    
Global and regional map image data are rendered as segments of a 3D globe, allowing smooth rotation and scrolling for maps of all scales. Any style of raster map can be used, including satellite and topographic maps. Xamba's G3D map format delivers compression factors of up to 30:1.

Vector Data    
Vector data, including transport, administrative borders, coastlines and rivers, can be displayed using a wide variety of line and fill styles. Super-fast redraw of vector data ensures a seamless user experience. Labelling, with an extensive range of font styles, is enhanced by still and animated graphic symbols. Xamba's proprietary data format supports links from map data to related media, including webpages, images and text.

Real-time 3D Terrains    
Combining gridded height data with map imagery, Xamba's 3D terrain visualisation software allows real-time 'flight' over areas of topographic interest. Based on OpenGL technology, the software delivers outstanding rendering performance, plus the ability to label features and overlay terrains with line vectors.


Xamba Software was founded in 1998 by Phil Smith and Patrick Gibbins. Between them, Smith and Gibbins have over 25 years experience of developing interactive reference and education software, and have both been responsible for developing numerous award winning software products.